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No specific info about version 4.5. Please visit the main page of Sierra Print Artist on Software Informer.

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    Guest 5 years ago
    — mozilla the best
    Pros: I like the 5.0 mozilla
    Cons: but its need adequate speed to be speed

    This type is good and beautiful, I can help you with the link email me.. dr_rexc at yahoo dot de
    God bless u all....

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    Guest 5 years ago
    Pros: those that can be got at pokerstars.com
    Cons: no picture,no last hand review,no cashier (this is a big disablity),unfair to those who choose not to have these options

    this is an upsetting site in which you have an unfair advantage because you can`t have a picture of the tables, can`t get a review of a previous hand, and you never even know how much play chip you have unless you go to a table first. But again there are others that can have all this, in which they have an advantage, which is not fair. What do you think of that, pokerstars.net? How would you like it that you have a disadvantage at a table in which you are disabled?


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